Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday and Friday off !!

Lord I needed today and tomorrow off.
Work is driving me NUTS !

Hair appointment today at 12:30.
Then must rush back to the house and begin getting ready to leave.

We have a party in Princeton tonight.
Annual party -- I have only missed two (2) of them in the past 11 years.
Methinks some Cosmo's are calling my name!

Tomorrow night I have to make an appearance at a party -- it's a work thing, and I didn't go last year so this year I must at least stop by.


Grace said...

Hope you had fun, I wish I had a couple days off. Instead, I'll be testing tomorrow after an online class for my CE credits... BORING

Katie B said...

sorry girlie !! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on your tests.
Sheesh I hate those things.
Which reminds me I need to check on my DE/CT requirements.

ps: thank you for your compliment!!