Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treats for ME !!

Saturday I spent the day on the road and with friends from North Jersey.
We have a little "support group" of ladies that all have either worked for IBM (umm that would be Idiot Branch Manager-- from the old company) or unfortunately, still do.
About once a quarter, we try to get together to talk, laugh, talk about him, eat, talk, eat, etc.
We were WAY overdue this time.
Left home about 8 -- drove up, stopped for one quick shopping excursion (a Christmas present), and then we visited.
We ate like horses, laughed a ton and a good time was had by all.
I left North Jersey about 6-ish and got home right at 8:30.

Much to my surprise, when I walked in to the bedroom, there was a box sitting on the bed -- FOR ME !!!
Wheeeeee !
It was from Doris and inside were two (2) of her bags -- one of larger bags (with material that just jumps off the cloth to me !!) and one of the darling pyramid bags.
Inside the larger one was 2 bars of soap -- and they smell SO good!

I was one happy camper !!
I am thinking that the larger one will be great for bead supplies when I am going somewhere -- or even from room to room in the house. That way I can keep all the colors/tubes of one project together while I work them.

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