Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Day Weekend !!

Friday, Friday, Friday -- and I do not have to go to work.
We randomly picked a Friday for a possible water park or beach day.
I wanted waterpark because I love drifting in the tubes.
In the interest of stretching money (quarters for the parking lot vs $$$ for admission), I postponed the waterpark adventure.
Temp is expected to be 84 degrees with ZERO chance of rain.
We'll be packing our beach tags, towels, chairs, sunscreen, umbrella, books, tiny cooler, snacks and His metal detector and off to Margate/Ventnor City beach(es) we will go.

Colleen and I counted the hours all week -- just waiting for today.

Work has been good this week -- a bit frantic, but good. We had a claims meeting --went well. The other unit had a layoff last week.
This week the main part of the office chose to layoff the receiptionist and consolidate duties with others. That was somewhat uncomfortable. My area is just next as you pass the reception area -- I had no clue but she was boxing like crazy and not saying a word.
FINALLY found out what had happened. She'd been there 7 years.
This stinks -- this economy -- it just stinks.

Not much else. I'm reading at night before bed -- seems the only time I have.

The beading takes a priority ! So I can do that while I watch tv and if I have the needle/beads in my hand, I am less likely to want to put ANYthing in my mouth. It works for me !

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