Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday -- Ocean City

Yesterday Colleen and I took a ride down to Ocean City.
I wanted to go to the Surf Art exhibit.
Logically it SHOULD have opened at 10 a.m.
Ohhhh nooooooooo that would have been too smart.
It opened at noon.

Ocean City was packed.
We had breakfast at this great little spot: The Ocean City Surf Cafe.
I LOVED it !!
And the food was good too!

We walked up and down the boardwalk a bit -- looking at the sellers......... didn't see much that I liked.
Stopped in a small jewelry store and I bought a cheap pair of earrings.
And a fleur de lys pendant. Not sure exactly HOW I am going to wear it, but it is nice.
It is such a struggle for me to spend money on myself.
I literally have to force myself and then it is stressful.
Sounds weird, I know.
No, I can NOT build a bridge and get over it.
No, I will NOT spend on you......

We sat under in the pavilions for about an hour -- waiting for it to open.
Got to see at least four or five pods of dolphins off of Ocean City beach!

The exhibit was much smaller than I expected .
There was a wonderful 3D piece of art that I was ready to buy.
Problem? could not locate a soul to take my money
That stank -- I wanted it, and wanted to support local artist.

Colleen bought world famous Johnson's Carmel Corn.
::: burp :::

I got fresh tomatoes -- yummm, 'mater sammies!!

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