Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ahhh, beware the ultrasuede sellers.
The market in Louisville dried up.

I purchased from someone online -- called her store, talked to her.
And when it came, it was thicker than it was represented.
I should have returned it, but didn't.
So I was lazy about it.

It can still be used -- but I would have preferred the completely light form.

Tonight I sat and cut out pieces for my pin backing.
but was a bit stressed out and couldn't do the pins.
Just wasn't in the frame of mind to complete steady work.
I'll work on that tomorrow -- the marking, the gluing and then the trimming.

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abeadlady said...

I recently lucked out and bought some ultrasuede from someone who was destashing. Got tons of colors and some good yardage too.

Working on brooches and earrings for Dot's swap in Tahoe. Can't wait.