Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beadfest Philly, part 1

We started the day early, our annual trip to Philly BeadFest.
And this year, we went on Friday, instead of Saturday.
What a difference a day made! For the first time, we had NO traffic problems on the way.

Before we were barely past the admission counter, we ran in to Nikia -- good hugs and laughs. And dammnit, we failed to get back to her booth -- someone was a bit whiny and He was ready to go home.

Shopping was good -- minimal on floor one.
I bought 2 lampworked beads from GraceBeads ( ) .
Some hand dyed silk cord from another booth.
Picked up some small yellow flowers (to use for embellishment) and a couple of charms from Hye on Beads.

There are several cards that I picked up -- in particular, I am giving Him a card (as a direct hint for either birthday or Christmas) for a vendor that had a wonderful bronze metal clay palmtree pendant.

I had a nice conversation with the rep at Soft-flex. I learned a new knot but still have not felt comfortable using their ultra fine wire yet. He said I could get samples from the website -- guess I'll be doing that!

A small set of small polymer clay leaves was ALMOST purchased, to use for embellishment, but I wasn't comfortable as to their durability.

As a whim, I picked up a small bottle of resin -- to do some experiments with. That will be fun to play with !

Grace's lampworked beads were the only ones I bought -- they look like the ocean and I will set them up for myself somehow.
I must be one of the few who do not like round bumpy beads. They are boring to me... just are not my bag.

One vendor has some of the most unique clasps I have ever seen. I saved her card and will maybe order ONE for me.

I fell in to the Swarovski crystal pit -- tiny flower crystals, tiny button like sequins. S'ok -- I love them!

Speaking of clasps, Colleen and I were seeing ones that we LOVED but lamented that we would prefer them to be a focal part of a piece, rather than hidden behind our necks. Weird it is we are!

No cabs this year -- although I was prepared to buy one until the vendor whisked the tray out and took it to someone else. I was saying that I thought I wanted one and he said something to the effect that, "well, I have to show this lady first, she came here specifically for these......".
I said, ok -- and moved on.

My biggest peeve with the show was that, at some booths, there were no prices on things. If I have to ask you, then it's a bit annoying. I'm not saying put prices on every single thing -- but if you have trays of items -- at lease put a little sign: $5 tray, $15 tray, etc.

Colleen was on a search for a particular pearl chip and I think we found them! Hurray!
She and I both bought some.

Once again I ended the day on a wild spree at BeyondBeadery !
Many laughs and good feelings from seeing Betcey, Mark and Starr !
got my sead bead fix AND scooped up many of the elusive 6 mm Cosmo jet Swarovski crystals! They are discontinued and I am hot for them!
I also treated myself to a tube of metal beads -- a rare splurge but I want to try them!
This trip I picked up lots of small beads for embellishments.
My 11's have colors that I normally wouldn't try -- mustards and odd green's etc. ok ok OK -- I did buy 3 tubes of blue -- just couldn't help myself!
The one thing I forgot was my tubes of 3's -- I need those for embellishment and managed to walk away with out them (at this point my knee was hurting and just wasn't in the mood!).

Somehow I managed to leave without my pin backs AND the tube clasps that I wanted.
arrgh !! and I DID have a list !


abeadlady said...

Don't you love Grace's beads? I have a bunch of her little hearts and lots of her flatback beads. I use them in my bead embroidery.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

I don't think there'a anything weird about wanting a beautiful clasp to be the focal point.
I have a nice collection of pretty clasps meant for chain maille and they'll be just as important as the bracelet itself.
Since you called this "part 1" does that mean you'll be going back for the things you didn't get yet?

Katie B said...

Arline -- I didn't look at the flatbacks -- looks like I missed THAT :(

Doris -- thank you for understanding! Colleen and I thought we were weird (well, we ARE a bit weird!).
Part 2 is the other strange stuff that went on -- I kinda got tired of writing then!