Sunday, November 1, 2009

Breeders' Cup

I'm pretty anxious for next Saturday to get here -- Breeder's Cup !

Been watching Zenyatta's workouts -- she had an amazing one yesterday.
No decision has been made yet -- Lady's Classic race vs The Classic (against the boys).

Part of me wants her to run against the boys and beat the snot out of them.
Part of me doesn't want her to -- were she to lose, it would break her spirit.

I am surprised that the owners have kept her on the track this long.
It could have an adverse reaction when they take her to the breeding shed.
I wonder how long it will take her to work the track, the chemicals, etc., out of her system so that she can settle down and be a mommy.
She might never be able to have a foal.
That would be sad..... she is such a wonderful horse.

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