Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ok, OK I am up.......

I have been having HORRENDOUS big toe cramps lately.... it starts and before I can get out of the bed, my big toe is pointing straight up -- and it pulls and hurts and I whine.

So, here I am on a Saturday morning -- been up since about 5. I went and sat with the heating pad and that helped a little.

Tried to go back to sleep but someone was snoring..... so I got up and showered.
Coffee is brewing.
I did some research re the toe cramps -- could be a lot of things.. low on potassium (yes that IS a good answer), blood sugar higher than normal (yes that is a GOOD answer -- I have not been eatting correctly lately and I suspect that too) and a Vitamin D (?) deficiency.
Ok, back I go to the vitamins.

Lots to do today.
Sam's (I think he forgot to buy shampoo......).
A Charity craft show that has been going on in Somers Point for 62 years (they have a beaded pin tradition that I have been told that I "must" see).
ick -- the hardwood floors..... sigh.
beading (YEAH !!)
Need to establish an account so I can buy bags from my friend at her etsy shop.
Need to order presents !!

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flyingbeader said...

Yikes! I hope it is better. Interesting about the Vitamin D.