Saturday, November 7, 2009


I can't live without: those I love, horses, music, diet coke, beading, reading, Dunkin Donut coffee (extra cream, some splenda),

My bead philosophy is: just keep working at it. Do what makes ME happy and try not to conform to what I think others want me to do.

I always: think the best of people, even when I disappoint myself with them/their actions.

I'd describe my life as: good, very good; for the most part very happy; blessed and lucky.

I have a crush on: Jon Bon Jovi.

I think:
Ashley Judd is so beautiful.

I struggle with: my weight, my patience, certain forms of beadwork.

Rules I try to live by: Be on time, give them another chance, be patient, and try not to be a smart ass.

At home, you can find me: beading, playing the stupid game on the computer, reading.

I wish: I had enough money to buy a house either a LBI, NJ (right on the water so I could have a room to bead in -- facing the surf), or at Big Sur -- on an overlook.

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