Sunday, November 29, 2009


Be careful what you ask for ....... Birthdays can produce that!

Colleen smoked me and tricked me on a present.
When we were in Savannah in a little gift shop near "The Lady and Sons", I saw a pin that I liked.
It is a beautiful Hibiscus pin.
No price on it, we were in kind of a hurry, so I didn't ask.
She snuck back and bought the pin!
Whooo hooo !!! I was quite surprised!
And she got me an awesome fleur de lys shirt too !

He got me a new lens for my camera: Canon F/2 60mm.
I can't wait to experiment with it.
The ratings all say that it is a good portrait lens too.
This should be nice :)

Birthday was great -- I loved every minute of it !

Even the arguments re why I didn't want a cake -- to much sweets for me!!


GraceBeading said...

HA, good for Colleen (sneaky girl). I wanna see pics taken with your new lens too!

flyingbeader said...

FAB! I'd love to see that abandoned house you were talking about...any pictures??? And how dare the clerk be rude to you on your BIRTHDAY!!!!!